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Choosing Residential Doors for Your Home

June 5, 2018

Doors fill your home, whether it is the exterior door offering an impression of the family inside or a closet door that keeps your personal life behind closed doors. The role of the door is far greater than what many give it credit. Not only must the door offer aesthetic appeal, it must provide a noise barrier between rooms, keep drafts out, and offer long-lasting durability. Use this guide to minimize the pressure and stress that you experience when buying residential doors.

Buying an Interior Door

Most interior doors are made from wood or MDF materials. They’re used at various locations in a home. Although the door doesn't face as many dangers as the exterior door, there are still a variety of considerations to ponder before making the purchase.

buying interior doors

MDF doors are painted and without grain, but are far less stable than a wood door. The doors are available in a variety of styles that bring modern or traditional styles alive. Hollow wood doors and solid wood doors are available for the home. Hollow doors aren't as soundproof as the solid doors but are far less expensive.

Buying an Exterior Door

The exterior door you choose serves as a focal point for the home and bring exciting curb appeal to life. More important than the door’s appearance is its ability to withstand elements. Exterior doors face potential damage from wind, rain, snow, and a variety of other weather elements, as well as dents and dings. Doors are made from many materials to protect against these dangers.

buying front doors

Each material offers its own pros and cons. Consider each before investing any money in the door. It is ideal to spend a little more money on a quality crafted door since it reflects your personal style. Whatever material you select, ensure that it is properly insulated.

Pre-Hung or Slab Doors

Both interior and exterior doors are sold in prehung or slab form. The pre-hung door is mounted in its frame and jamb with the highest pre-attached. It is simple to install and much easier to hang than a slab door that doesn't include the frame, hinges, or other accessories. The slab door is an unfinished door and a great project for the serious DIYer.

Choosing a Door Size

Measuring the door opening (or current door, if it is still hanging is essential before making a purchase.  Only a tape measure is necessary to measure the door but a precise recording is important. Both interior and exterior doors come in standard sizes that most home improvement stores and door manufacturers sell. If your door opening doesn’t fit a standard size, custom doors are available. Standard door heights measure 78 or 80 inches while the widths range from a small 24-inches to large 60-inch or larger widths.

Picking Door Materials

Which door material is most compatible with your needs? Carefully consider each of the door material options to learn more about its pros and cons to better determine which is best for your needs.

Fibreglass Doors

how to buy entry doors

Fibreglass material is used on the exterior of the home. Styles generally mimic natural wood and come with tons of different colour options and designs, making it simple to create the look that you want. This door offers better insulation than a wood door and is virtually maintenance-free. It is also cheaper than a wood door. Many people avoid the fibreglass door because it is not wood, though you should certainly check it out if you want a cost-effective exterior door.

Steel Doors

how to buy entry doors

Steel is the most durable of the door materials. It is amazing at insulating the home and offers immaculate durability. There isn't a lot that can damage a steel door. It is rust-resistant and won't warp. It is also cheaper than a wood door though sometimes more expensive than a fibreglass door.  The biggest complaint with the steel door is that it requires frequent repainting due to chipped paint, scratches, etc. Click here to learn more about steel doors.

Budgeting for a New Door

Determine the amount of money you’re comfortable spending on the new door before you begin the search. Stick closely to this budget since you shouldn’t go into debt for this purchase. Remember that many factors play a role in the overall costs of your door. This includes whether you’re purchasing an exterior or an interior door, the door material chosen, the size of the door, place of purchase, and other factors.

Contact Us to Get Started

Getting the best price for the door you wish to install is simple when a few comparisons are made.  Comparing the options is a fun way to explore the most styles, brands, and choices while also ensuring that the best price for the door is found.

You will find the prices drop considerably if you want a basic door rather than one with all of the bells and whistles. Take date of special offers to further reduce the amount of the door you want to install at your house. Contact us for new doors at an affordable price that suits any style or needs!


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