We warranty an Imperial product that is found to be defective such as a defective component or a manufacturing defect. Imperial will take the decision to repair or replace the product or defective component. The labour (when Imperial decides it is necessary), to replace or repair all components, is covered by the warranty for a total of 5 years beginning at the date of purchase.

Lifetime warranty on the regular sealed unit, low-e argon, in standard usage and installation conditions, when there is appearance of a film or dirt deposit inside the window. If this is the case Imperial will supply a new sealed unit. The Imperial warranty does not apply to thermal breakage.

* Condensation on windows, which may occur as the natural result of inside temperatures, does not indicate a manufacturing defect and would not be included in this limited warranty.

  • 20 years warranty on replacement sealed units.
  • 5 years warranty on replacement sealed units that have been replaced without the window frame.
  • 20 years warranty on hardware parts and on PVC extrusions excluding labor and transportation caused by their replacement.
  • 5 years warranty on the wooden window and door frames on all manufacturing defects. This does not include a frame left without protection.
  • 10 years warranty on the Cobra door panels. No Warranty on glass units’ failure and PVC lite frames.

The warranty relative to our products is provided to the original owner of the residence where the products were installed, as long as he or she remains the owner of the residence.

Transferability: Imperial’s lifetime warranty is transferable by the original property owner to one subsequent owner provided Imperial receives notice of transfer of title of the registered property within (30) days after the date of transfer of ownership, and provided such notice is accompanied by a copy of this warranty and a certified cheque in the amount of $100.

Painted exterior finishes: We guarantee that our exterior paints applied in the factory (plant) will be exempt from blistering, erosion and flaking over a 10 year period. Our exterior paints will not show excessive paint change over a 10 year period. Note: The warranty does not cover discoloration, the polish, surface damage if the product has been subjected to improper care such as ( being washed with ) or the usage of natural or chemical solvents or by all environmental factors that could cause such a deterioration.

This Warranty Does Not Cover

Imperial is not responsible for:

  • The limited warranty stipulated in this document is the only warranty applicable in whole, or in part, and is granted in lieu of any warranties written or oral other wise implied by law or equity and no such warranties shall apply to Imperial.
  • Exposure to sunlight, air pollutants and normal atmosphere conditions may cause all vinyl surfaces to gradually fade, chalk or suffer an accumulation of surface dirt or stains. These are normal occurrences and are not covered under Imperial Limited Warranty.
  • Any defect, malfunction or failure to perform which has occurred because of unreasonable use or lack of necessary maintenance.
  • Any damage to the window or components thereof, caused by settlement or structural defects of the building in which they are installed.
  • Any damage caused by wind, hail, lightning or other acts of God, intentional acts, accidents, negligence or exposure to harmful chemicals or pollutants.
  • Broken glass or torn screen as a result of any cause.
  • Winly locks door’s hardware.
  • Damage caused by improper handling or installation.
  • Any Window which has been repaired, modified, or attempted to be repaired or modified by any person other than a duly authorized representative of Imperial.
  • Condensation or damages caused by condensation. Note: Unless the damage is relative to a breakage or defect of the insulated glass, most of the problems relating to the condensation are linked to the high, excessive humidity levels in the buildings. Contact a heating specialist to obtain help or advice.

Our commitment if a problem occurs:

As soon as we are informed of the problem, we will send you a confirmation of the work to be done and this within 2 business days following your notification. If it is established that the product in question presents a defect that is not covered by the labour warranty, it is possible that we may demand inspection fees for visits done to the dwelling or building that appear to be necessary or that are requested by you.

Because the materials and fabrication methods can change, it is possible that the replacement parts are not aesthetically identical to the original. The replacement products and parts are covered until the end of the initial warranty of the original product, or over a period of 90 days, whichever is the longest.