Bay Windows Toronto

If you require absolute command of the extra space on your window, extending further into the outside more than what a Bow window can give you, then a Bay window is what you need. These type of window is well-loved by many homeowners that require additional living space. Whether these windows are placed in the living room or even by the side or the rear, the effect is simply the same – Bay windows provide an elegant way to extend living space without sacrificing functionality and overall aesthetic value of your home.

Bay windows provide splendid architecturally decorative welcome design to any room. Its versatility is endless. You only need to harness your full creative potentials to see just how Bay windows can add a new dimension to your home. And like Bow windows, Bay windows are specially made, customized to fit just the correct dimensions of your window. And with its patented glazing technology, you add energy efficiency to design and aesthetics.

Features and Benefits

  • The assembled Bay window comes standardized with three-quarters inch of plywood (good one side head), jambs, and seat
  • The standard depth of the jamb is 5 and seven-eighths of an inch although special jamb sizes can be specially fabricated upon request
  • Sections of Bay windows, whether in part or in whole, can be custom-fitted with operational mechanisms that allow it to be opened with absolute ease. This is often necessary to allow for better control of air circulation as well as manage thermal comfort.
  • Enhancing the overall design of Bay windows is made possible with our grille selection as well as other hardware accessories.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most important aspects of designing and fabricating doors and windows to become truly energy efficient is the soundness of engineering processes. This involves the thorough study, verification, and integration of low-emissive glass technology and processes, inclusion of innovative types of glass packs in the design and manufacturing processes, and the number and type of weather stripping employed in the final window product. Energy efficiency can also be enhanced with the addition of newer innovative technologies such as gas space fillers, particularly argon and krypton.

Krypton and Argon Gas


Krypton gas systems are far better than argon gas systems when it comes to providing absolute energy efficiency. Krypton is largely accepted as the ideal substance to be used in windows with narrow air spaces. Krypton gas has been shown to be very effective when used with triple pane glass panels for energy efficiency. Argon gas systems are nonetheless equally effective. However, in order to achieve optimal energy efficiency, argon must be used in combination with low emissive glass coating innovative solutions. Krypton’s heat conductive properties have also been shown to be lower than that of atmospheric air. This gives krypton the benefit of a much lower U-factor and better insulation.

Low-E Glass


Low-E glass, or low emissive glass, solutions are excellent in managing thermal fluctuations. Low emissive glass technologies ensures the more efficient, more practical, and more effective control of thermal transfers in the home. The system allows heat to be retained when it is too cold outside while at the same time allowing heat to be given off when it becomes too hot inside. Thermal fluctuations can significantly increase energy costs. Low emissive glass innovations address these issues by allowing homes to be more efficient in their energy management.


Super Spacer


Super Spacer is another innovative solution meant to work very efficiently with low emissive glass coated systems. In winter, heat is kept inside the house while in summer, heat is kept outside the house. Super Spacer greatly enhances energy efficiency by allowing homeowners to have full control of differences in temperatures.

Grilles has been shown to be excellent additions to the overall aesthetic qualities of the home. Oftentimes, these simple elements can give windows a more traditional yet truly elegant look. Grille options also provide ease of cleaning and maintenance which is a requirement by every homeowner.

Different homeowners have different requirements for their windows. These often call for different types of glass. It is important to choose the correct type of glass not only for the purpose of aesthetics but, more importantly, for the objective of gaining absolute energy efficiency. It should be understood that energy savings, comfort, and aesthetics are directly related to the kind of glass that is placed in your windows.

Frosted Glass


Triple Glazed

Decorative Glass

If you are going to paint your window year in and year out, you are wasting money, not to mention physical energy. It is thus important to choose an exterior paint that can assure you of maximum paint bonding ability to lengthen the overall lifespan of the paint on your window.

Modern windows should be fully function, operational, and elegantly aesthetic. In today’s very security-minded world, all windows and entrances to the home must be properly secured.

Mutipoint Level Lock

Premium Crank