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One of the most often neglected parts of the house is the basement. Contrary to popular opinion however, the basement is supposed to be one of the most crucial parts of your home. Aside from the fact that it serves as the basic foundation for a strong and sturdy house, its overall integrity can also help ensure the health of everyone else in the infrastructure.

Basements are a natural magnet for molds and mildew, microorganisms that are not harmful in themselves, but once they enter the system of a highly vulnerable individual, they can pose a vast array of serious and some potentially deadly health conditions.

That is why it is imperative that basements have adequate ventilation in order to allow natural outside air to flow in and for the heat in the basement to dissipate outside.

As such, the choice of basement windows become all the more important as these can spell the difference between a healthy home or not. Basement windows are also oftentimes covered by rot simply because of the high humidity in the basement. Majority of basement windows are moisture-ridden and have drafts and leaks. It is for this reason that maybe it is high time to replace old wooden window frames with sturdier, moisture-proof vinyl basement windows.

Basement vinyl windows are excellent for controlling moisture buildup while at the same time giving the exterior of your basement a unique aesthetically appealing look. And since vinyl basement windows will be fully optimized for thermal control, you do not have to worry about high energy costs anymore. Securing your basement with vinyl windows can also keep pests like rodents and other insects off your basement. Perhaps one of the most important advantage of using a vinyl window for your basement is that it does not absorb moisture so it will never have to succumb to the problems brought about by water damage. And in a warm and humid basement, water damage is always a major concern.

Vinyl basement windows are simply the best choice if you need ample water damage protection, energy savings, pest control, and aesthetic appeal for your basement and Imperial Windows and Doors will be happy to help you with your installation.

Engineering and manufacturing processes can spell excellent or mediocre energy efficiency in doors and windows of any home. Windows that are truly energy efficient are often enhanced and / or improved by the use of low-emissive glass coatings, the number and type of weather stripping employed, and the kind of glass systems that are used in the design and production process. These elements have to be fully integrated into the window product to ensure absolute energy efficiency. Furthermore, adding the new technologies of argon and krypton gas in the window as a sealed unit can dramatically improve its energy efficiency.

Krypton is often used in windows that have narrow spaces. This provides superior thermal efficiency especially when used in triple pane glass panels. The conductivity of krypton is arguably lesser than atmospheric air’s heat conductive properties. This makes it an ideal solution to energy efficiency.

Argon, on the other hand, is used in insulated low emissive glass technologies as these glass panels can significantly improve the energy efficiency of argon-based window technologies.

Low emissive glass or low-E glass systems are simply spectacular when it comes to thermal management. Low emissive glass is shown to be effective in reflecting external heat during summer months. During winter this same low emissive glass technology can keep the heat inside the home interior to save money on heating.
Super Spacer technology serves to block heat from penetrating the house’s interior during hot weather conditions. This same Super Spacer mechanism is also what keeps heat inside your house during freezing months. Super Spacer technologies thus allow for optimum efficiency in the control and management of temperature variations leading to improved energy efficiency.
One of the innovative ways to improve the aesthetic value of your home is by using highly customized grilles. These personalized grilles can be purposefully give your window a more traditional look as well as allow for easier cleaning and maintenance. Personalizing the window grilles is one good way to create a truly unique architectural element and very interesting appeal to your window.
Choosing the correct kind of glass is necessary to achieve a window that is architecturally and aesthetically pleasing as it is energy efficient. Comfort, aesthetics, and energy savings have all been shown to be tied to the kind of glass that homeowners and designers choose. When carefully considered, the type of glass can provide a whole range of thermal control for optimum energy efficiency.
Personalizing your window often involves choosing the right color that represents yourself, if not the whole property. Exterior paint colors can provide your home with the unique aesthetics you are looking for. A unique bonding system will also guarantee the paint will last long.
Windows must be functional or operational and not just aesthetically pleasing. Windows should always be constructed with multipoint locking system to improve overall security. For what is the use of a beautifully looking and architecturally pleasing window if it cannot keep the occupants of the home safe and secure?



Magnetic, compression, and flexible weather stripping provides ample protection from the elements such as wind and dust to form an airtight seal for the home.

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