Casement Windows Toronto

If you want a very expansive and very stylish view of the outside, you will definitely love the casement type of windows. These architectural pieces of marvel are commonly used to create a very elegant touch to living rooms and bedrooms as well as other areas of your house that require optimization of the view of the external environment. The casement window’s graceful styling and aesthetically pleasing vinyl frames are excellent features of casement windows. These architectural components provide unparalleled energy efficiency, optimized operational qualities, unmatched security features, and innovative hardware structures to give you the practical and perfect choice for windows.

Features and Benefits

  • Window frames and sash corners are fusion welded in order to provide you unmatched strength and security. Additionally, the structure can aid in the prevention of air infiltration.
  • Window design takes on a multi-chambered look to insulate and prevent condensation.
  • Window joints are weather-strip sealed that are triple co-extruded in order to provide for additional insulation.
  • Window sash openings are wide (90 degrees) to allow easy cleaning from inside your house.
  • Overlapping internal screens are removable and easy to clean.
  • Window comes with a premium fold-down hardware to make operation a lot easier.
  • Window comes with multiple locking systems for additional security.
  • Glass panels can be customized with double or triple-pane Solar Solutions glazing solutions in order to provide maximum energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most essential aspects of making doors and windows energy efficient is their engineering. There are three fundamental factors that can significantly lead to an energy efficient window. These include the low-emissive glass coatings, the type of glass packs that are used in the manufacturing process, and the total amount of weather-stripping used. These elements have to be carefully considered and integrated into the finished product. Additionally, the new technology of incorporating Krypton or Argon gas in the window’s sealed unit has been tested and shown to significantly improve energy efficiency.

Krypton and Argon Gas

argon-and-krypton-gasKrypton provides superior thermal efficiency and is considered ideal in narrow air spaces. Krypton gas is excellent for triple pane energy efficient glass panels.

Argon is primarily used in insulated Low-E window glass units. The heat conductivity of Argon is significantly lower than atmospheric air giving it an advantage of better insulation and a significantly lower U-factor. To be really energy efficient, Argon must be used in combination with Low-E insulated glass.

Super Spacer

super-spacerThe amount of heat that is conducted through a window is a measure of its energy efficiency. Super Spacer blocks heat from entering the house during summer and keeps heat in your house during winter. Super Spacer allows for a more efficient management of temperature variations leading to improved energy efficiency.

Low-E Glass

low-e-glassLow-E glass is simply the best when it comes to thermal management. During the hot summer months, Low-E glass reflects external heat in order to lower cooling costs by blocking UV light and transmitting visible light in order to allow for a magnificent view of the outside. During the cold winter months, Low-E glass keeps heat inside your house so you won’t spend too much on heating.

A window will not be aesthetically pleasing or energy efficient if you choose the wrong type of glass. Energy savings, aesthetics, and comfort are all tied to the type of glass that you choose. Glazing options can provide the whole range of thermal control you expect from your window.

Frosted Glass


Triple Glazed

Decorative Glass

Personalizing your windows can take the form of color choice. However, it is not just a matter of choosing the right color that bespeaks your personality. More importantly, you need exterior paint colors that provide a unique bonding system so that it will last long, you simply do not have to paint again and again. Our co-extruded Cap stock color bonding system works best in this regard.

Windows must be fully functional in order for you to really appreciate its value. Casement windows come with multipoint locking system to give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your windows. A positive locking system is well-integrated into slider and hung windows for additional security.

Mutipoint Level Lock

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