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Many homeowners find Bow windows as a unique architectural window design that can flawlessly add more aesthetic value to their homes. Additionally, many architects and home designers call for the use of Bow windows to add a certain sense of new dimension in the overall appearance of the home. Its grand and sweeping curve can instantly turn an otherwise dull and lifeless-looking window into something of an eye-catching architectural masterpiece.

Regarded as projection windows, Bow windows can be an excellent choice for those homeowners who would like to extend as much usable space as they possibly can without necessarily projecting as far out as a Bay type of window.

Bow windows have more glass panels as well as softer and more rounded angles, perfect for the homeowner who requires seamless curves. Interior home decorators and designers simply love the way Bow windows extend well into the outside to offer unique opportunities for the full expression of man’s creative potentials. The Bow window can be an excellent addition to the overall aesthetic appeal of a home, allowing for a truly magnificent, and awe-inspiring exterior view. However, it is important to understand that Bow windows are specialty windows and as such will be heavily customized to the space it will have to fit into.

Features and Benefits

  • The assembled Bow comes standardized with three-quarters inch of plywood (good one side head), jambs, and seat
  • The standard depth of the jamb is 5 and seven-eighths of an inch although special jamb sizes can be specially fabricated upon request
  • Sections of Bow windows, whether in part or in whole, can be custom-fitted with operational mechanisms that allow it to be opened with absolute ease. This is often necessary to allow for better control of air circulation as well as manage thermal comfort
  • Enhancing the overall design of Bow windows is made possible with our grille selection as well as other hardware accessories.

Energy Efficiency

Designing, developing, testing, and fabricating energy efficient doors and windows require a spot-on engineering and design process. Using innovative glass packs in the fabrication and manufacturing process, low emissive glass coating technology, and innovative and proven weather stripping used can all account for an enhancement or improvement in window energy efficiency. Fully integrating these elements into the design and production of windows can ensure the achievement of excellent overall energy efficiency. Integrating or infusing Krypton or Argon gas technology into the design mix can also enhance energy efficiency.

Krypton and Argon Gas


Argon gas technologies are primarily designed to be used in insulated low emissive window glass units. This gives the window glass the best possible levels of energy efficiency. Krypton gas technology is a more energy efficient system, however. This type of gas technology has a significantly lower heat conductive property compared to atmospheric air. This makes krypton better at insulation, has significantly lower U-factor, and ensure overall improved energy efficiency. It is for this reason that krypton gas technology is primarily used in windows with narrow air spaces. Krypton gas has become the preferred choice in triple pane glass panels.

Low-E Glass


Low emissive glass works by managing the variations in environmental temperatures. Low-E glass innovative systems allow heat to stay indoors during the cold months. It also keeps heat off the house during searing hot weather. Low emissive glass systems work by allowing visible light while blocking UV light. This allows home occupants to have an unobstructed view of the outside.

Super Spacer


Super Spacer is an innovative technology that works very well in tandem with low emissive glass technology. As energy efficiency is an indication of the amount of heat that is conducted through a window, the Super Spacer system allows for the more effective and more reliable management of thermal variations. This can remarkably lead to improved energy efficiency and translates to better savings.

Increasing the overall economic and aesthetic value of a house can be obtained by the use of divided light options and grilles. Highly personalized grilles allows the advancement of window aesthetics while at the same time allow for ease of cleaning and maintenance. An effective way to enhance the overall aesthetic value of your window is by personalizing it with your own grille.

Picking the precise kind of glass for your window can ensure its aesthetic appeal as well as energy efficiency. When you choose the correct type and kind of glass you allow for optimized energy savings, unsurpassed comfort, and enhanced aesthetics while at the same time maintaining absolute control over thermal fluctuations in and out your home.

Frosted Glass


Triple Glazed

Decorative Glass

Custom fitting your windows to guarantee a more than personal feel can be achieved with the correct color choice. Additionally, a co-extruded cap stock color bonding system should provide for a more lasting and more durable finish to the paint. At the very least you will save repainting costs in this manner.

Windows have form and function and must therefore be fully functional in order to appreciate its full value. All windows have to be fully integrated with multipoint locking system to give unquestionable security.

Mutipoint Level Lock

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