Architectural Shaped Windows Toronto

One way to have your dream home built to the very specification that you require is through customization. Some call it personalizing, but we choose to call it turning your dreams into realities. While we can always fabricate windows in standard shapes and sizes, you will benefit more with our customized Specialty windows just as countless other homeowners and home designers have.

From sophisticated curves and arches to the highly unusual yet equally elegant multi sided geometric shapes, whatever your creative demands are, you can expect our team of designers and fabricators to turn these dream windows into realities. The vast range of architectural shapes and elegant contours available at our disposal can make up for the realization of any dream that you may have. You simply have to get in touch with us, tell us what exactly you require, and we will surely accommodate your demands.

Features and Benefits

  • Window frames and sash corners are fusion welded in order to provide you unmatched strength and security. Additionally, the structure can aid in the prevention of air infiltration.
  • Window design takes on a multi-chambered look to insulate and prevent condensation.
  • The sash and frame are applied with co-extruded flexible seal couple with a unique interior glazing system to provide unmatched waterproofing.
  • Exterior sash’s front-facing drainage channel is conveniently hidden so that it will not be an eyesore from the inside.
  • Double-strength window glass is well insulated with an ultra-dual warm edge seal to improve its overall energy efficiency.
  • Unlimited choice of the finest and highest quality architectural curves and shapes to provide you a wide range of unique innovative design possibilities.

Energy Efficiency

In the creation, testing, design, and fabrication or manufacture of energy efficient windows, it is important that the window’s low-emissive layers for its glass including the kind and type of glass materials that are used in the production or fabrication process and the number and type of weather stripping utilized in the process are duly considered, vigorously tested, and well incorporated into the finished window product. Through the addition or incorporation of Argon or Krypton gas in the sealed unit of the window, its overall integrity, durability and reliability, and energy efficiency can be dramatically improved or enhanced.

Krypton and Argon Gas


Krypton and argon are just two of the more recent innovations in window glass energy efficiency technologies. Krypton is the main substance that provides unequaled thermal efficiency. This is the ideal material often employed in windows with narrow air spaces. Krypton gas has also been shown to provide unparalleled energy efficiency especially when used in triple pane glass panels. Argon is often used in the production of insulated window low emissive glass units as this is the only way in which its energy efficiency can be ascertained and maximized.

Low-E Glass


Low emissive glass, or low-E glass, is an innovative technology that allows for the better management of internal and external home thermal variations. This type of glass is effective at reflecting external heat in order to save on cooling costs. UV light is effectively prevented from entering while visible light is allowed to pass through, improving external visibility of the outside. Low emissive glass technologies keep heat inside the property during cold weather to avoid exorbitant heating costs.

Super Spacer


Super Spacer is an innovation that allows the more effective management of environmental temperatures. Super Spacer, as a technology, prevents heat from entering the home when it is hot outside while keeping the home warm when it is freezing outside. Its proven technology has been extensively used to manage the need for thermal energy. This translates to better energy efficiency.


Divided light options and highly customized grilles can add beauty and elegance to any home. These aesthetic design elements can turn any window from boring parts of the house to truly appealing ones without sacrificing traditional elegance and ease of maintenance. Grille options should allow you complete customization options to suit your design needs and tastes.

Windows can be designed and constructed to look aesthetically pleasing while being energy efficient. However, this is only possible if you choose the correct type of glass. The kind of glass chosen can give you unparalleled energy savings, aesthetics, and comfort while the choice of glazing options can significantly improve the thermal efficiency of your windows.

Frosted Glass


Triple Glazed

Decorative Glass

The choice of colors can make your window attain an overall aesthetic appeal that truly stands out from the rest. Customizing your windows to be fully integrated with your preferred colors can bespeak your property’s overall theme. Additionally, when exterior paint colors that provide a unique bonding system are used, you are that it will stay that way for a long time.

Windows that are fully optimized for function and operational use is something that everyone wants to achieve. All modern windows must be fully integrated with multipoint locking system to improve overall security of your home.

Mutipoint Level Lock

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