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Sliding Patio Doors Toronto

Sliding Patio Doors Toronto

If it’s the convenience, elegance, and modernity of doors that you require, then Sliding Patio doors will be simply excellent for you. Do not be misled by its name because this type of door is clearly not just for your patio. Any room in your house can actually be installed with a Sliding Patio door. These all-glass doors make excellent energy-saving alternatives as they allow you to maximize the full range of lighting benefits of natural light. Additionally, you simply do not have to open your curtains anymore to have a view of the outside. The Sliding Patio door can become both your window and your door to the scenic wonders of the outside world.

The versatility and elegance of Sliding Patio doors have been elevated much further to allow you ease of operation and unobstructed view of the outside world. With a lot of color and hardware customization that can be applied to each Sliding Patio door, you can be sure that your home will have a much greater aesthetic value than if there were no Sliding Patio doors at all. This type of doors can be fully customized to integrate your own personal tastes and character so you can be proud that your door is a reflection of your personality.

In the manufacturing of Sliding Patio doors, precision engineering is a must. This is mandatory to ensure absolute security in terms of its ability to create an airtight seal for the interior of your home. Its operation should not only be easy but also smooth. Its highly customizable insulated kick plate can provide an additional architectural aesthetic value and engineering functionality to your door. Some of the customization options include grille, sidelights, glass, and transoms. To put it simply, the Sliding Patio door is an excellent choice for homes that require value, quality, and beauty.


Multi-chambered door frame provides excellent thermal efficiency and strength.

Double tandem, self-lubricated adjustable rollers allow smoother and easier operation.

Steel-reinforced and fusion-welded sashes provide excellent security and durability.

Anodized aluminum tract provides excellent durability.

Internal weeps and sloped sill ensure optimal drainage of water.

Reversible panels for bidirectional use.

Triple weather-stripped side jams and full sash interlocks prevent water and air penetration.

Extruded, heavy-duty, fiberglass-meshed aluminum screen frame provides for durability and strength.

Tempered glass and double laminated (custom sizes) are standard on the Patio Door Sliding Collection from IMPERIAL. Safety, building code compliance, lead times and overall performance are our main concerns and our commitment to homeowners investing in IMPERIAL patio doors. All Patio doors come standard with tempered glass in both the double and triple glazed units. When a custom sized door is ordered we go the extra mile providing a double laminated unit for the ultimate safety and insuring that lead times are not extended.

We offer a wide selection of colors and Grille styles for our patio door collection that will enhance the look and shape of your windows that complement the architecture of your building and your interior design.
Grille Options
Patio Doors Colour Options

Our sliding patio doors collection with built in blinds offer maximum privacy with minimum care, and the blinds never need dusting or cleaning. Forget the messy and dangerous external cords; these patio doors with built in blinds feature two sliders that will tilt, raise, or lower the blinds with ease. This collection allows you to control your privacy and the amount of light in your home. The benefits of this door with built in blinds come complete with a no clean blind in a sealed insulated tempered safety glass.

The standard Twin-Point hardware will add another element of beauty and security along with exceptional durability on all four finish options. The exterior keyed lock option is also available in all four finishes.



Your patio door should be welcoming and reflect your unique identity and personality. We can help you analyse your preferences to find the best style, material, and colour for your door. 

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