Fiberglass Doors Toronto

For homes that require the elegance and classic beauty of wood but is easier to maintain, then Fiberglass doors will simply be an excellent option. These types of doors can be masterfully crafted to create a look and feel of wood, giving it unsurpassed stability and resilience against extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Fiberglass entry doors make excellent security options for any home and with their energy-saving features, they can significantly improve any home’s energy efficiency. Cooling and heating costs can be significantly reduced with Fiberglass door’s polyurethane foam insulated core.

Features and Benefits of Fiberglass Doors

  • The frame is made of wood and reinforced with aluminum.
  • The fiberglass panel can either be textured or smooth to allow for paint customization.
  • Door system contains weeped sill and cover that is made of anodized aluminum.
  • Adjustable self-draining sweep with fully integrated multi-bulb fin system.
  • Ultra-steel finished ball bearing hinges come with standard 6’8” and 8’ doors.
  • Foam compression type of weather stripping.


Medium Oak

Dark Walnut


Light Oak

Red Mahagany

Light Walnut

Red Oak













Ferco’s Simply Secure 3-deadbolt locking system activate simultaneously. By simply closing the door the upper and lower ¾” (20mm) latches will instantly engage and become 2 additional deadbolts for maximum security. The exterior fiberglass door is locked when you simply turn the knob or key, engaging the 1″ central deadbolt. Your closed door is always protected against warping.
The Advantages:
  • The latch bolts after closing, becoming 2 additional deadbolts.
  • No lifting handles to engage the locking points.
  • Minimal effort required to close and secure the door (elderly, children).
  • Slam shut multipoint locking system, with visual indication of locked/unlocked.
  • 90 degree turns deadbolt operation.
  • Proven European technology.
  • Available for standard height and 8′ doors.
  • Short high grade 16 mm stainless steel faceplate with radius ends for a clean door edge appearance, and weather resistance




Finish Colours

We offer 9 standard stain color products to allow you to choose a finish to compliment your home’s interior décor. They are water based and environmentally friendly to apply to fiberglass or wood panel doors. The stain molecularly bonds to the surface, has solar reflectance and we use a non-yellowing clear coat to offer superior adhesion and UV performance.

Fiberglass Doors Toronto