Fixed Windows Toronto

One of the simplest yet very appealing types of windows is the Picture window or a Fixed window. When placed in an area of the house that opens to a scenic environment, it can really be a welcome addition to enhancing the overall aesthetic value of your home. Whether in combination with a casement type of window or a double hung slider, the Picture window can allow for enhanced ventilation and superb thermal control for your home. Its energy efficiency is just one of the many features you will find useful. More importantly, it is the unobstructed view of the outside scenery that makes fixed Picture windows the most preferred window type among homeowners.

Features and Benefits

  • The Picture window’s frame is fusion-welded in order to provide unsurpassed strength and security while at the same time keeping your home interiors free from air infiltration.
  • The multi-chambered design is particularly useful in preventing condensation while providing your home optimum insulation.
  • The glass used is double- or triple-strengthened and is built with an S-class super spacer to give it a warm edge.
  • The Picture window’s frame is designed to have a high profile to match awning windows or even casement windows, giving you superb operational versatility and elegant aesthetics.

Energy Efficiency

Door and window designers and engineers must continually push the envelope to energy efficiency. Oftentimes, engineers and manufacturers must be able to successfully design, test, validate, and manufacture windows and doors that integrate innovative low emissive glass solutions, durable and energy efficient glass packs, and state of the art weather stripping methodologies in the production and installation of energy efficient windows and doors. Engineers also have to work with newer technologies such as argon and krypton gas innovations in an effort to improve overall energy efficiency.

Krypton and Argon Gas


Krypton is currently the preferred gas for used in windows with narrow spaces as the gas provides unparalleled thermal efficiency compared to existing systems. Krypton gas is considered great for triple pane glass panels primarily because of its inherently lower heat conductive capacity compared to atmospheric air. On the other hand, argon is often used in low emissive window glass units. Argon has to be infused with low emissive glass technologies in order to harness its true energy efficiency potential.

Low-E Glass


When it comes to managing thermal fluctuations, low emissive glass solutions provide the best possible answer, especially when used in combination with argon gas technologies. The system works by adjusting the amount of heat present in the interior of the home relative to ambient environmental temperatures. Too hot inside means heat must get out of the house. Too cold outside means heat must be kept inside the home.

Super Spacer

super-spacerSuper Spacer is another engineering solution that helps block heat during the summer and keeps heat staying inside the home during winter. This allows the Super Spacer to effectively manage temperature variations as a result of changing weather patterns which should lead to overall improved energy efficiency.

Customizations can take many forms. Customizing grille and divided light options can significantly account for aesthetic improvements in one’s home. Additionally, when these structural elements are strategically placed on the window, it also allows for the ease of maintenance and cleaning while ensuring optimum aesthetic and economic value.

Windows without glass are open invitation to a lot of things. That is why when striving to achieve aesthetic and economic value while at the same time striving for energy efficiency, it is important to choose the correct type of glass. Glazed glass offer the best form of energy efficiency. However, different colors and patterns can also significantly improve the overall appearance of the home.

Frosted Glass


Triple Glazed

Decorative Glass

Using a co-extruded Cap stock color bonding system can greatly enhance the bonding of exterior paint onto window surfaces. This is needed to make sure that the aesthetic value of your window, based on its colors, is well preserved through several years. Additionally, this saves you cost from having to repaint your window on a regular basis.

An unsecured window is not a window at all. All windows must not only be aesthetically elegant and pleasing, they must also be operationally functional in its truest sense. As such, windows must have multipoint locking mechanisms to ensure absolute security.

Mutipoint Level Lock

Premium Crank