Single Hung Tilt Windows Toronto

If you require a window that allows optimum ventilation capabilities with a more classic and traditional look, Single Hung Tilt window systems are one of the best options you can get. These types of windows are very practical yet they afford a kind of aesthetic that can naturally enhance the architectural beauty and elegance of a home. Single Hung Tilt window systems are ideal for homes with multiple rooms as well as residential buildings.

Engineers and architects will often focus more on the structural integrity and ventilation requirements of a building while interior designers will be more concerned about the aesthetic value of a property. Single Hung Tile windows successfully marries these two requirements to provide a unique window solution to almost any type of house. The frame and sash of Single Hung Tilt window systems are excellent for filling large openings in any infrastructure. The bottom sash tilts inward to allow for fresh air to enter as well as allow for easier cleaning even from the inside. With an upper portion that is fixed to the rest of the building, Single Hung Tilt window systems are excellent for maintaining thermal efficiency

Features and Benefits

  • Window frames and sash corners are fusion welded in order to provide you unmatched strength and security. Additionally, the structure can aid in the prevention of air infiltration.
  • Window design takes on a multi-chambered look to insulate and prevent condensation.
  • Inward-tilting sash allows for easy access from the inside, especially when it comes to cleaning.
  • Window joints are weather-strip sealed that are triple co-extruded in order to provide for additional insulation.
  • The pocket sill is welded and weather-stripped with Quad-4.
  • The half-screen design is removable to allow for protective screening against insects and pests while at the same time affording unobstructed access to fresh air.
  • Cam-action lock system is made of heavy duty materials for added security.
  • Energy saving options using Solar Solutions and Super Spacer for maximum energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

In the design and construction of energy efficient doors and windows, engineering processes must be spot-on. A variety of glass packs used in the fabrication and manufacturing process, the use of low emissive technology, and the type of weather stripping used can all lead to improved energy efficiency. When fully integrated into the design and manufacture of windows, these elements can truly account for excellent energy efficiency. Incorporating Krypton or Argon gas technology can also improve energy efficiency a lot further.

Krypton and Argon Gas


Argon is a gas that is designed for use in insulated low emissive window glass units in order to obtain the best possible levels of energy efficiency. A more efficient system, however, is krypton gas which has a significantly lower heat conductive property than atmospheric air. This gives krypton gas the added benefit of better insulation, significantly lower U-factor, and improved energy efficiency. Hence, krypton gas technology is often used in narrow air spaces. Krypton gas is an excellent choice in triple pane glass panels.

Low-E Glass


Low emissive glass works to manage thermal variations in the environment. Low emissive glass technologies allow heat to remain indoors during the winter and keeping heat off the house during hot weather. The system works by blocking UV light while allowing visible light. This gives you unobstructed and magnificent views of the outside.

Super Spacer


Energy efficiency is best indicated by the amount of heat that is conducted through a window. Super Spacer is a technology that works well with low emissive glass technology. Super Spacer systems allow the more efficient management of temperature variations which can then lead to improved energy efficiency. All of these translates to better savings.

Increasing the aesthetic value of your home can be ensured by using divided light options as well as grilles. Highly customized grilles can allow the enhancement of window aesthetics as well as allow for ease of maintenance. One way to improve the overall aesthetics of your window is by customizing your own grille.

Choosing the correct type of glass can ensure a window that is aesthetically pleasing as well as energy efficient. Choosing the correct type and kind of glass can allow for optimized energy savings, enhanced aesthetics, and unsurpassed comfort. The different glazing options can provide absolute control of thermal variations through your window.

Frosted Glass


Triple Glazed

Decorative Glass

Customizing your windows to provide a more personal feel can take the form of color choice. A co-extruded cap stock color bonding system can provide a more lasting and more durable finish to your window paint. This is needed to make sure that you save repainting costs in the long run.

Windows must be fully functional in order for you to really appreciate its value. Single Hung Tilt windows as well as other windows systems are fully integrated with multipoint locking system to give you peace of mind when it comes to security issues.

Mutipoint Level Lock

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