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Why Is It important to Replace Old Windows and Doors? A General Contractor’s Perspective

June 6, 2016

When clients come to us looking to get a full house renovation or a ‘gut and re-do,’ they often have certain home improvement milestones: a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovations and basement renovation. These tend to be home improvements most visible to clients, as kitchens and bathrooms are used daily in the family home. Yet, as one of our team members does the preliminary walk-through of the house before a project, they notice other factors, such as the condition of the walls, floors, ceilings, and windows.

Most of us are aware of the importance of insulating walls, under ceilings and under floors, but a lot of heat escapes from the gaps between your walls, floors and windows also. While your home renovation plans may or may not include installing new windows, doors and frames, the following benefits are important to keep in mind.

Energy Efficiency

While many of us rely on electricity and gas to keep our homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer, installing new quality windows and doors contributes greatly to the energy-efficiency of your home. Many homes in Toronto and the GTA still have wooden, single pane windows. Yet, insulation technology has increased dramatically in the last two decades. Features such as double-pane glass, airtight sliding and insulated window frames allow your home to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly then ever before.


This benefit derives from the one mentioned above. Have you ever felt that keeping the air conditioning on for too long makes the house too chilly, but when you turn it off it warms up quickly? With a well-insulated home, you are able to turn on the AC for a while, and then switch it off and the temperature would sustain itself throughout the home. This is also true with heating in the wintertime. Quality windows not only provide thermal comfort, but also noise reduction as they seal off your home from the sounds coming from the streets beyond.

Lowers Energy Costs

In the GTA, homeowners expect higher energy bills for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. Yet with energy-efficient windows and doors, you can expect relatively stable home energy costs. In addition, installing new windows and doors spare you from the costs you would have had to face to keep fixing and maintaining older windows.

Oftentimes, clients will ask that we re-caulk and re-paint their existing windows, doors and frames. This usually cuts their renovation costs, and still gives the exterior a new aesthetic appeal. However, it only acts as a quick Band-Aid solution, in that it is temporary and would cause homeowners trouble in the future. Our advise to clients in terms of the financial planning of a renovation, is to re-do the window and doors before or after their larger home renovation. This gives them time to plan for this important project. Nothing compares to installing new windows and doors.

While replacing windows and doors may seem like an additional expense in your home’s renovation, there is high value for money in making the transition. When we examine the pricing of any home improvement, be it new flooring or a fresh paint job, we always look at the projected longevity of the project. Quality, energy-efficient windows and doors can last as long as thirty years. Once it’s installed, you can be confident that you won’t face this cost in the future. And, if you’re thinking of selling your house soon or in a few years, this adds to the re-sale value of your house. Consider it an investment in your home.


This article was written by Elizabeth Knezevic from One Oak Construction. One Oak is a general contracting firm proving quality home renovations, additions and extensions in Toronto and the GTA. They believe in transparency, collaboration and quality of work. If you are considering a home renovation, please visit for more information.


One comment on “Why Is It important to Replace Old Windows and Doors? A General Contractor’s Perspective”

  1. My door is pretty old, and I'm not sure what to do. It makes sense that replacing it would be a good idea! I didn't even think about how much energy I'm likely losing because of it.


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