How to take Care of your Windows and make them last

Windows are an essential part of buildings, as they provide aesthetics and many other functions for our properties. Windows will often become dirty and lose their appealing appearance after some time. Pollution, weather, dust, and many other things stain the windows and can even damage them if left without care. This is why we should care for our windows so that they can last longer and maintain their beautiful appearance. Here are some tips on how to care for your windows to increase their durability and make them look perfect every time.

Care of windows depends mainly on the type of window material, as well as the manufacturer’s instructions. Here are a few tips on how to care for the following type of window materials to ensure longevity.

Care of wood windows

Wood is an organic material and requires more maintenance than its synthetic counterpart because it is more susceptible to wear and tear and the elements of weather. It is essential to clean wood at least twice a year and check out for wear and tear.

To clean the exterior of wood, use a soft cloth or brush and water. You can add some soap if there is an accumulation of dirt on the wood surface, and if the wood is painted, you can use some washing up liquid consisting of alcohol and water.

If you are washing with detergent, make sure to rinse appropriately with enough water, as detergents can damage the wood finish. Avoid glass cleaners, ammonia, abrasive cleaners, and any other strong chemical cleaning agent when cleaning your wood window. For grease stains, use wash-up liquid and rinse with plenty of water. Also, wash in a top to bottom manner to avoid scratching the surface of the wood.

If there are any scratches or marks on the wood, touch up these spots with some paint immediately, or apply wood finish to prevent damage from weather elements and increase the lifespan of the wood. For increased longevity, the best approach is to recoat your wood window after some years. If you can’t do this by yourself, contact a professional to deliver a perfect job for you.

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Care for Aluminium and uPVC Windows

Aluminium and uPVC windows do not require substantial maintenance as the materials are synthetic and extremely durable. Caring for them need the following:

Use a non-abrasive soft cloth, soap, and water to wash off the dirt on the surface. For grease marks, use water and wash-up liquids. In case of stubborn stains, get some detergent, warm water, and a microfiber cloth to wash off the stains from the window surface. And if this does not work, use a uPVC cream cleanser, and the stain will surely go away. Ensure you rinse the surface thoroughly after washing with detergents or any strong chemical agent to prevent wear and tear of the material.


Locks usually need some lubrication to function properly. Use light machine oil to lubricate the locks on your window for smooth operation.


Light machine oil should also be used to lubricate hinges to make them move smoothly without hindrance and prevent rust.

Irrespective of the type of material your window is made from, regular maintenance will help to keep its shine and make it last longer. Ensure you maintain your windows regularly by cleaning, painting, and lubricating. If you need professional assistance with the care of your windows, contact Imperial Windows and Doors. 

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