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Sliding Windows and their Benefits for your Toronto home

October 27, 2017

Choosing the right window design for your Toronto property can be a challenging task, as there is a myriad of beautiful designs that will perfectly complement your house. Windows are so important because they serve as the eyes of the house, help to ventilate the home and protect our property among many other benefits. One of the most beautiful and energy efficient window designs you should consider for your home is the slider window. Slider windows win on both aesthetics and efficiency. Let us look at some of the benefits of installing sliders in your Toronto home.

What are Slider windows?

Slider windows are double hung windows that open horizontally by sliding along the window frame, instead of up and down. Slider windows can open from either side to let in fresh air, allow natural lighting into the house, or to increase the view of the surroundings. Even though slider windows are now a popular feature of many homes, the windows are not a new concept, as slider windows have been in use since the 18th century.

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Benefits of Slider Windows

Using slider windows has a lot of benefits for the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Some of the benefits of slider windows include the following:

Easy to operate

Because slider windows move on tracks, they are extremely easy to operate. You can open and close a slider window with just a finger, and you would not have to strain yourself over it because it slides smoothly over the track. You only need to release the latch, and it slides across the tracks in the window frame. What it requires is regular maintenance, and the windows won’t stick or jam whenever you want to open or close it.

Low Maintenance

Slider windows are easier and cheaper to maintain because they use fewer and less complicated parts than many other window designs.

Large View and more Ventilation

If you love to enjoy the scenery around you, a slider window might be the best window for you as it provides amazing views. They also offer more ventilation and natural lighting compared to other windows such as the double hung.


Slider windows use simple and efficient parts such as the track in the window frame and a wheel to slide on, and this increases their durability compared to conventional windows that use pulleys and other complex systems that wear and tear with age.

Energy Efficient

Slider windows close more tightly thereby increasing insulation. Slider windows can also be glazed to increase insulation during the winter. Slider windows allow more fresh air which improves ventilation and reduces heat during the summer, and if you love the sunshine and moonlight, you might not need to use your light bulbs with the ample natural light coming through your slider windows. All these will help to lower your energy bills.

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