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Comparison of Sliding Vs Cranked Windows

June 22, 2016

With so many window choices on the market, finding the most appropriate door can be quite frustrating. It doesn’t help that you have to know at least some of the pros and cons that come with a given style of window since you might end up purchasing a window that is no good for your needs.

Home owners prefer windows that are both functional and energy efficient. Having an understanding of how certain windows operate should help you select the most appropriate windows for your home.

There are basically two main types of windows that you need to know-sliding and crank windows. The two types are further broken down into different styles from the casement to the hung or slider windows.

Crank Windows

Crank windows open to the outside. They come with a crank handle which when turned help open the window. They are very energy efficient since they do come with compression seals that help keep out unwanted air.

Styles of Crank Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows are attached to the frame with one or more hinges. They are basically hinged at the side.


  • Provides great ventilation since the entire window does open
  • They are great for hard-to-reach places
  • They provide security since breaking into such windows is rather difficult
  • They provide great visibility and light
  • They are easy to clean since they can also be cleaned from the inside
  • Thanks to the compression seal technology used in their manufacture, cranked windows provide excellent energy efficiency.
  • They provide unobstructed views
  • It is possible to enjoy direct cross breezes with such windows


  • In case the crank is not operated well, damage to the mechanism can arise
  • This con solely depends on where the window is installed. For example if it is installed where there is plenty of traffic in a home or on a deck then opening to the outside may not be so great.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are much like casement windows with the exception that they come with hinges at the top as opposed to on the side.


  • They are great for hard-to-reach places such as above the kitchen sink since they are easy to open and close
  • They provide great ventilation
  • They provide great visibility and light
  • There is no need to close them when it rains thus their name “awning”
  • Thanks to compression seal technology, they provide great energy efficiency


  • Decreased functionality is possible when such windows are not properly operated. For example when you over-torque or tighten them
  • Plenty of space on the outside is needed to open such windows
  • They are hard to clean depending on the level of floor the window is installed

Slider Windows

Slider windows require to be pulled in order for them to open. They can either be pulled vertically or horizontally. When opened, the slider in most cases does remain within the window frame. It is possible to have an add-on option that will make it possible to tilt the window at a 90-degree angle. The tilt makes it easier to clean the window minus the need of utilizing a ladder.

Styles of Slider Windows

Horizontal Slider Windows

Horizontal slider windows come with a sash which slides horizontally across a track. The track can either be single or double.


  • Such windows are great for wide openings
  • There is a 90-degree tilt option available for easy cleaning
  • No exterior space is required for opening such windows
  • They are not expensive to purchase


  • They come with no compression seals
  • Since half the window comes with a screen and the other doesn’t, there is no uniform look on such windows
  • Since only half the window does open, there is limited ventilation
  • When compared to crank operated windows, slider windows are not as energy efficient
  • In case there is buildup of dirt, operation of such windows tends to be difficult
  • In case of extreme conditions such as heavy, driving rains and high winds, slider windows are not as watertight as some other windows

Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows come with a bottom slash that slides up and down a track


  • It is easy to clean such windows from the inside if there is a tilt option available
  • They don’t open to the outside


  • Compared to crank operated style windows, single hung windows are not very energy efficient
  • Since only half the windows do open, there is limited ventilation available
  • Since part of the window comes with a screen, slider hung windows don’t provide a uniform look

Ultimately, choosing the right window for your home is not as easy as we would like it to be,; however, with some knowledge of the different windows styles, their advantages and disadvantages, you should be in a good position to find the most appropriate windows for your home. Most home owners consider their budget in deciding upon which windows to purchase for their homes. However, you should also consider the energy efficiency of the window. You should go for windows that are durable, energy efficient and functional.



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