Mississauga Celebration Square

Located in the heart of Mississauga, Celebration Square is an award-winning public space that provides free year-round programming produced by both the City and the community. According to the official website, people visiting the Square are encouraged to enjoy the space by playing in the fountain and skating on the rink. Visitors are also able to play on the lawn and walk their leashed dogs on the paths.

Mississauga Celebration SquareThere are some activities that are prohibited in the part. These limitations include smoking, commercial activity (unless you have a permit), solicitation, amplified sounds, and the distribution of food or beverages (again unless you have a permit).

Website Forms You Might Be Interested In

  • Becoming a performer or food vendor
  • Becoming a volunteer
  • Becoming a sponsor or setting up an activation

The Fountain

The fountain in Mississauga Celebration Square is open from May 21 to September 3 between 8am to 11pm. Located in the Upper Square, this space is the biggest interactive water feature in the city. The fountain is also close to the large screens and food vendors.

Mississauga Legends Row

The Legends Row is a section of the Square that recognizes the achievements and contributions of individuals whose talents and accomplishments have enriched the city of Mississauga. People who visit the Row can explore, learn and take inspiration from the people who are mentioned there and how they made a better city.

Visiting the Celebration Square

The Square is located at 300 City Centre Drive in Mississauga Ontario. Visitors can also call 311 or 905-615-4311 outside of the city limits. Emails can be sent to celebration.square@mississauga.ca. To advertise on the Gateway Screens interested parties should contact Nicole Petrie, the Director of Retail Sales by emailing npetrie@outofhome.astral.com or by calling 416-440-6698.

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