Double Hung Tilt Windows Toronto

Many consider Double Hung Tilt windows as excellent choice when it comes to putting an elegant style and finish to an already-architecturally marvelous home. Its unrivaled flexibility and adaptability make Double Hung Tilt window systems the ideal choice when it comes to sophisticated styling and maximum ventilation requirements.

Both sashes of the window system tilt inward in order to allow fresh air to enter the home. It allows for maximum control in order to allow for the full management of thermal variations in the outside environment. If it is warm, then you can simply open the window and let fresh air in and let internal heat dissipate outside. During the cold winter months, the Double Hung Tilt window system can be closed shut to keep heat inside reducing the need for heating.

Features and Benefits

  • Window frames and sash corners are fusion welded in order to provide you unmatched strength and security. Additionally, the structure can aid in the prevention of air infiltration.
  • Window design takes on a multi-chambered look to insulate and prevent condensation.
  • Inward-tilting sash allows for easy access from the inside, especially when it comes to cleaning.
  • Window joints are weather-strip sealed that are triple co-extruded in order to provide for additional insulation.
  • The pocket sill is welded and weather-stripped with Quad-4.
  • The full screen design is removable to allow for protective screening against insects and pests while at the same time affording unobstructed access to fresh air.
  • The sashes fully interlock in order to provide superb security.
  • Cam-action lock system is made of heavy duty materials for added security.
  • Energy saving options using Solar Solutions and Super Spacer for maximum energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most essential aspects of making doors and windows energy efficient is their engineering. This often means studying, testing, and integrating low-emissive glass technology and processes, the type of glass packs used in the design and manufacturing processes, and the total amount and type of weather-stripping used. Energy efficiency can also be further improved by the addition of newer technologies such as krypton and argon gas space fillers.

Krypton and Argon Gas


Krypton gas technologies are far superior to argon gas when it comes to providing absolute thermal efficiency. It is generally considered the ideal substance to use in narrow air spaces. Krypton gas is unparalleled when it comes to triple pane glass panels for energy efficiency. Argon is nonetheless an equally effective technology. However, in order to obtain the full range of energy efficiency benefits, argon must be used in conjunction with low emissive glass coating technology. Additionally, krypton’s heat conductive properties are definitely lower than atmospheric air. This gives it the advantage of lower U-factor and better insulation.

Low-E Glass

low-e-glassLow-E glass, or low emissive glass, is unquestionably great when it comes to thermal management. Low emissive glass technologies allow for the more efficient and effective control of heat transfers in the home. Heat can be retained when it is too cold outside and given off when it is too hot inside. Thermal variations can allow for significantly increased energy costs. Low emissive glass technologies allow homes to be more efficient in their management of energy.

Super Spacer


Super Spacer is a proprietary system that works very efficiently with emissive glass coated windows. Increasing the space between these two environments can greatly impact the amount of heat that gets through the window. This means that in the winter, heat stays inside the house and in summer, heat stays outside the house. Super Spacer greatly improves energy efficiency by allowing for full control of thermal differences.

Grilles can become wonderful additions to improving the aesthetic qualities of the home often giving the windows a more traditional yet truly appealing look. Grille selections also provide the ease of maintenance that is required by every homeowner. Highly customized or personalized grilles can definitely enhance the overall aesthetic value of your home, not just your windows

Different windows require different types of glass. This is not to mention that it is important to choose the correct type of glass not only for aesthetic purposes but, more importantly, for absolute energy efficiency through excellent control of thermal variations. As energy savings, comfort, and aesthetics are related to the kind and type of glass that you choose, it is thus a must to be selective in what you really need.

Frosted Glass


Triple Glazed

Decorative Glass

Having to paint your window over and over again is not only cumbersome and tiring; it is also not economically sound. As such, when choosing to customize your windows it is often important to choose the right colors that best represent your personality or colors that will bring out the natural beauty or aesthetics of the entire property.

Windows should not only be aesthetically appealing. They need to be fully functional. It is therefore a must that windows come with a multipoint locking system for optimum security.

Mutipoint Level Lock

Premium Crank